Product Warranties

Roofshield™ is Coatings

Roofshield Coatings Pty Ltd has been manufacturing Roof Membrane Coating to the Restoration industry for over 30 years.

We have a proven formula that provides long lasting finish in Primers and Colour Coats, and are proud to offer a 10 year Warranty on our coating. Only approved Roofshield Coating Applicators are able issue this 10 Year Warranty.

Nick Pearson is an approved Applicator of Roofshield Coatings, therefore a 10 year Coating Warranty applies.

Roofshield Coatings guarantees the product will not Crack, Chip or Flake over the ten year warranty period. The coatings are resistant to algae growth and fading of colour.

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Dulux Acratex manufacturers and sells a superior range of roof membrane coatings designed to accommodate all roofing substrates and provide maximum protection for Australian conditions.

This range of products consists of various primers designed for particular applications for which only one (1) coat is required, to be then followed by two (2) coats of 962 Roof Membrane which is a fast drying , water based surface coating available in an extensive range of colours.

Whilst quality control plays a major part in the manufacturing process of these products, the life of the product relies heavily on making sure that these coatings are applied to the correct film build (thickness) by a qualified coating applicator so as maximum performance is obtained.

In keeping with quality control, Dulux Acratex has in place a system for which applicators can become registered with the compnay and agree to the terms and conditions set to provide the best possible job.

I am happy to advise that Mr Nick Pearson is one of our registered applicators and has been for the last 16 years and as of to date has filled all the criteria required to be able to offer the Dulux Acratex ten year warranty.

Registration no. for Mr Nick Pearson is R0023

If there is a need for any other information on product or application please don't hesitate to call.

Adrian D.Gash
Account Executive