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Roofshield™ is Coatings

Water based Acrylic coatings are environmentally friendly and have been used extensively in Australia for more than thirty years. Acrylic coatings like the Roofshield Coatings have a proven durability and performance history. With correct roof preparation and application Roofshield’s range of Acrylic Coatings will improve and protect your investment for many years.

The Roofshield recipe for the coatings have not changed in 19 years and has more than proven its longevity. During the past 5 years alone we have coated and restored thousands of roofs throughout Australia.

Roofshield Primer/Sealer
The first coat is the ‘Key Coat’ which is the all important adhesion coat. This anchors the coating system to the surface. Roofshield coatings have a range of Primer and Sealers for all types of roof surfaces.

Roofshield Sealer
Sealer – which is specifically designed for warn roofs to give maximum appearance level.

Old Tile Sealer
Which is specifically designed for roof tiles that have severely deteriorated condition..

Roofshield Protective Membrane Coatings
An advanced technology adhesion promoted 100% Acrylic Membrane with UV blocking pigmentation. Forumlated to meet Australian conditions as a durable long life roof finish. It has excellent gloss retention, colour fastners and lasting good looks.

Specialty Coatings

Dulux AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane

DULUX AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane is a elastomeric waterbased, 100% acrylic roof coating designed to be applied to suitably prepared concrete or metal roofs residential and commercial installations. Formulated suitable for the collection of drinking water after run-off of first rains.


Wind Classification in C3 (basic wind speed 55meters/sec). A C3 classification means it is an approved fastening of ridgecaps for tile roofs situated in designated tropical cyclone areas. It has been independently tested by CSIRO in accordance with AS 2050-1195 “Installation of roof tiles”.

Flexi-point is formulated to provide optimum strength and hold down capability. We therefore recommend its use on tile roofs situated in exposed localities such as hillside sites or exposed tiles facing the ocean.

It is the only flexible pointing product to hold an appraisal certificate issued by BRANZ (Building research Assoc of New Zealand).


Rooftech Services manufacture Ridgebond, a flexible pointing formula that incorporates an all acrylic binder recommended for new roofs and roof refurbishment applications.  Ridgebond was developed by roof tilers for roof tilers.   This has ensured Ridgebond is the most user-friendly Flexible Pointing on the market.

The resin chosen for the system is based on a highly UV resistant pure acrylic technology, which has been an industry bench mark for adhesion and colour retention for over 25 years.  Its durability and performance have been proven over many harsh Australian seasons. Whilst its cost is premium, it will always remain the choice because of its quality and consistency.

Ridgebond has achieved an ease of trowel application and smooth fine finish whilst still maintaining its adhesion and flexibility.  The level of binder (resin) used in this formulation has been chosen to provide excellent through film build for a sound quality finish.   The resin has enhanced "wet adhesion" and excellent fast "through dry" properties.

The product has proven itself in the area of dry hold down, especially in high wind areas such as Australia's eastern seaboard.

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